Thick Dildo
For most of us women, we have no desire to be unfaithful to our husbands or mates, but as we mature and have children, we began to have desires for a larger cock. I found the answer, a thick dildo gives me complete satisfaction with no guilt trip at all. An average size penis is approximately 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, using a variety of different sized dildos can provide the orgasmic pleasures we have dreamed about. Think about it, enjoying explosive orgasms with different cocks yet no infidelity, no risk of STDs and certainly no worry of pregnancy.

A perfect size for me is, a 2 inch thick dildo which is only slightly larger than an average erect penis but feels entirely different. I can go as deep and as slowly as I want, I'm in total control, what can be better than that? Modern sex toys are far different than those of yesteryear, they are very lifelike, especially some of the latest models made from CyberskinUR3, PVC (aka Jelly Rubber) and Silicone. Make the effort to improve your sex life by ordering a thick dildo, you'll be amazed how sensuous they feel. We ship all orders promptly and in discreet packaging.
Crazy Thick DildoCrazy Thick Dildo
This fine looking gentleman measures 11.5 inches long (10 insertable) and 2.4 inches thick. He has a suction cup base that will adhere to anything sooth like a floor, shower wall or a bath tub. You can use an O-ring harness with this thick dildo for a different kind of fun. He's firm yet soft enough to be comfortable and feel very good. After you've enjoyed all you can, he cleans up easily with warm water and a mild hand soap.
Down & DirtyDown & Dirty
This big dude measure 10 inches long (9 inches insertable) and 2.33 inches wide. He has a realistic head, a long veined shaft with a set of balls. Keep your sex toys clean and never share with anyone that doesn't use a condom. He's made from a soft PVC rubber that's flexible with a sensuous feel. Use a good amount of a water base lubricant to maximize your pleasure. You'll enjoy explosive orgasms with this thick dildo anytime you wish.
Tyler Knight's Futurotic CockTyler Knight's Futurotic Cock
This realistic thick dildo is made from a lifelike material called Futurotic, it's similar to other new materials that are highly preferred over some of the older styles. He measures 7 inches long, 6 insertable and 2 inches wide. He's also equipped with a built in vibe.
9.5 Inch Plentiful Plugger9.5 Inch Plentiful Plugger
He's a it measures overall 9.5 inches long, 6.5 insertable and 2 inches thick. He has a realistic look and feel with a cock head, veins, balls and he's also equipped with a suction cup base. Made from a soft and flexible PVC rubber that's comfortable and feels good.
Cyberskin Gonzo CockCyberskin Gonzo
Enjoy the smooth satisfying sensations from this 2.5 inch thick and 12 inches long hand crafted dong complete with a suction cup base. He's a big dude with a orgasmic properties.
Star PerformerStar Performer
The overall length is 17" with 13" insertabable and measuring 2.9" thick. It's an exceptionally good feel and he's equipped with a suction cup base.
The NaturalThe Natural
This big boy measures 12 inches long and just over 2 inches thick. This naturally colored dong has the look and the feel of a real cock. Use a water base lubricant to maximize your sexual pleasure.
Scene StealerScene Stealer
He has 12 inches of usable length and a girth of 2.25 inches. You'll love the feel of this textured cock with balls. He's made from a smooth flexible jelly rubber.
CyberSkin Extreme CockCyberSkin Extreme Cock
The overall length is 9.5" and 2.25" wide. This high quality thick dildo will satisfy your big cock cravings. If you love Cyberskin and big cocks, here you go.
Hoss BlackHoss Black
He's a very high quality pure silicone thick dildo that's a bit expensive but will last a life time. The overall length is 11 inches and  2.75" thick. Use an ample amount of water base lube.
Jeff Stryker Ultra RealisticJeff Stryker Ultra Realistic
This thick dildo was molded directly from porn star Jeff Stryker's erect cock and balls. He measures 10 inches long and 2.5 inches thick with a suction cup base.
8 inch ultra skin cockRamrod 8 Inch
This orgasmic dildo is made from a new material that can simulate the softness of skin and the rigidity of an erectile cock. He measures 8.75 inches long and 1.9 inches thick.
Mr Marcus 9in Cock and BallsMr Marcus 9" Cock and Balls
This thick dildo was cast from the big man himself, it's exactly accurate down to the last bulging vein. It's made from a soft and flexible rubber that has a very realistic feel. He's 9 inches long and 1.8 inches thick.
Vac-U-Lock Hung WhiteVac-U-Lock Hung White
Beware, this is a very long and thick dildo, he measures 2.7 inches wide and 12.5 inches in length with 9.3 inches insertable. For a comparison, a soda can measures 2.5 inches thick.
Vac-U-Lock Realistic 8 inch Mulatto Realistic 8 inch Mulatto
You'll love the feel of this extra sized dong made out of soft flexible rubber. He measures 8" long and 1.8" thick. He's a bit larger than an average size penis and ready to satisfy your sexual needs.
Cock with Balls Bam
This big boy measures 13.2" long (9.6. insertable and 2.9" thick. He's much thicker that an average erect cock. He has a long smooth shaft, a realistic head and big black balls. Use plenty of lubrication to enhance your sexual pleasure.

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